Mr & Mrs Horne at Laytonfields, Hurstpierpoint: “Laytonfields was ideal for us because of the excellent location”

December 18, 2017| admin|2 Minutes

Having spent what seemed like forever hunting for the perfect place to live, Laytonfields purchasers Mr & Mrs Horne finally found their new dream property with Rydon Homes combining low maintenance, in a great location and with lovely views in Hurstpierpoint.

“We had been looking to move for over two years and wanted to stay close to our previous property in Ditchling in Sussex as we like the local area. We viewed another new build property in Hurstpierpoint, but we found the development just too big and we preferred the idea of living somewhere smaller and particularly in a home that wasn’t overlooked.

Laytonfields was ideal for us not only because of the size of the development at just 15 properties, but also because of the excellent location – it’s just a few minutes’ walk to Hurstpierpoint village so we don’t always need to take the car and we have pleasant views across the big open field next to our home. Hurstpierpoint village has everything we need with good shops and nice places to eat in the pubs and restaurants.

We didn’t make any changes to the specification before we moved in and the versatile layout is absolutely spot on, particularly downstairs where we have an open kitchen, dining and family area in addition to a separate lounge.

We’ve only recently moved in, but I can honestly say this is the first time I have come into a house and felt ‘yes this is just right’. We have met the neighbours who seem lovely and overall we are very comfortable in our new home. I cannot fault the quality of service from Rydon Homes and Dawn from their agent, both have been on the ball throughout.

Now the weather has got colder we don’t miss our previous draughty house, we often find we have to turn the heating down as it is so warm here!”